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Here at JAVA COFFEE we love what we do, we all have experience from running cafes to organising events.... but we are not just about coffee, we also offer other fabulous quality products.

Since the beginning JAVA COFFEE has been committed to sourcing and supplying products that we know our clients will love and need and at great price points.
In our offer you will find the ethically sourced, great tasting, big leaf SUKI tea, organic chocolate, base ingredients for fruit smoothies and many more. With these products you have many options to choose from when deciding your seasonal menu.
What ever you are looking for be sure of the quality of our range.

We immerse your baristas in a training program to help formulating recipes! We have a wide experience and know the market. Who better to know the tastes of customers?!

Why not visit our showroom where you can test all the products we offer COFFEE +.

Arrange a meeting with us: [email protected], +48 22 299 62 42

JAVA COFFEE began as a cafe chain so we understand retail and customer service. Today JAVA COFFEE is proud to supply over 300 cafes in Poland and among them some pretty well known names. We not only supply great coffee but also pleased to say we have trained the barista's that serve it. JAVA COFFEE also has a dedicated spare parts and machine maintenance department ready to answer your questions.

If you’re interested in learning more about JAVA COFFEE or would like to serve our coffee please give us a call on +48 22 299 62 42 or email [email protected] or complete the form below:

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