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JAVA Coffee Company began as a chain of cafes in Warsaw, called Stoney Point Java, in 1999. Stoney Point Java was founded by a group of American and British expats at a time when cafe culture was beginning to take off in a big way in the United States. The Polish winter could be harsh, being plunged into sub zero temperatures for long periods of time without good coffee to drink was completely unacceptable so these guys decided to do something about it. Indeed it was the first cafe chain in Warsaw to focus on fresh roasted coffee and delicious sandwiches inspired by a sister chef who worked at Spago in Los Angeles. The coffee was roasted on a Probat 5KG located in a ruin of a boat shed close to the Vistula river. Come rain, snow, and the occasional flood, the Probat never stopped purring like a kitten whilst it kept the Warsaw cafes well stocked on a daily basis.

It was not long before the coffee became more famous than Stoney Point Java and they began supplying the other pioneers in the nascent Warsaw cafe sector. They discovered that they liked roasting coffee more than they liked running cafes because roasting is what connected them to the coffee. So our founders gave up on the original Stoney Piont Java dream and rebranded as the JAVA Coffee Company with one mission: just to roast great coffees and service the growing demand from hotels, restaurants and cafes.... not just in Warsaw, but all over Poland. JAVA became the first local pioneer in this new niche. In 2005, JAVA COFFEE as a first roastery in Poland to participate in the Cup of Excellence programs. In 2006 we put the Probat into retirement with the installation of Eastern Europe's first fluid bed process Sivetz Fluid Bed Roaster with a capacity of 15KG, a technology more ecological and cleaner, the end result being a tastier coffee. Seven years later the Sivetz Fluid Bed Roaster had a companion, a Loring Kestrel S35 with a Flavour-Lock Roast Process Technology, and an even cleaner brighter tasting coffee. 
Our plan is to grow the business by building on a team of highly motivated individuals all passionate about coffee and staying true to our objectives: sustainable, fair and equal trade with suppliers whilst roasting great quality coffee and providing good service to our clients.

Our key focus has always been the same, high quality arabica coffees, perfectly roasted and packaged with the complete story told. 
Fresh roasted, quality beans, fair treatment of suppliers, ecological approach to life and a good customer experience are always naturally trendy, the JAVA COFFEE way.