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Ecuador has great potential and is one of my favorite origins for being exotic but also having the quality to back it up; the big issue we see at the moment is volume. The country as a whole only exports 100 containers/year (40,000 lbs/container) of Washed Arabica. Café Imports alone moves more than 100 containers/year. The rest of the coffee Ecuador produces is low quality Naturals and Robusta to sustain its huge instant coffee market for internal consumption and exports. To put this into perspective:
Origin Country / Containers per Year (estimate)
Colombia / 32,000
Peru / 12,000
Bolivia / 300
Ecuador / 100

Maputo is located in La Perla, Nanegal in the up and coming region of North-West of Pichincha Province in the North of Ecuador in proximity to Colombia. The area where this farm is located has a very particular microclimate, that even though it’s only at 1350 masl, it produces 88+ coffee. Humidity levels are high and mist usually covers the coffee fields in the afternoons and temperatures at night drop significantly with respect to temperatures during the day.

Maputo is owned and operated by Henry and Verena Gaibor. Henry, a veteran surgeon and war doctor and Verena a midwife; they met in Bujumbura, Burundi while volunteering for Doctors Without Borders and United Nations. They have since retired and dedicated to producing some of the best coffee I’ve tasted. Henry is extremely methodical with his coffee production and is just as dedicated and passionate as he once was with his profession. He is doing everything right when it comes to picking, processing, and drying and has his farm divided into different lots with different varieties (Typica, SL28, Bourbon, Kaffa, and Caturra).
Maputo is a very new farm with only three years in production and is quickly growing year over year. Henry recently acquired the neighboring farm, La Nube, which will add significantly to next year’s production.
Origin Ecuador
Region La Perla, Nanegal, Pichincha
Farm Maputo
Variety Typica
Altitude 1350 masl
Proces Method Fully washed and sun dried on african beds