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The idea of the JAVA Pop Up Coffee Shop at Bio Bazar came about because the owners decided they wanted to reach out to those consumers who appreciate ethically sourced food and great tasting natural flavours but are largely unaware of the enormous contrast in taste of fresh roasted specialty coffee over the coffee they buy in the supermarkets. 

Warsaw's Bio Bazar is the closest you can get to an inner city farmers market with over 100 traders offering everything from organic olive oils to fresh made almond milk. 

Everyday the JAVA COFFEE Pop Up  staff will demonstrate the alternative brew methods with both light and dark roasted coffee. 

Every month we will introduce you to new micro lot limited edition specialty coffees from all over the coffee World. 
We will help you to find the coffee you like, grind setting and brew method to discover nutty chocolate or bright citrus notes, a strong coffee or a light aroma. The atmosphere is relaxed, full of social banta and some Bio Bazar gossip. 

If you have never been, feel welcome to come and visit us, it will not be long before you are hooked on this weekend event.... and of course our great coffee.


Our locations:
 Hala Bio Bazar, ul. Wołoska 3, Warsaw
opening hours: WED & FRI 10h00-18h00, SAT 8h00-16h00 

JAVA COFFEE Pop Up  Hala Mirowska, Plac Mirowski, Warsaw, Unit 42
opening hours : MON-FRI 9h00-17h00, SAT 8h00-16h00